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WP Wordfence



We are still testing these services to be offered

  • Anti-Hacker

    Protecting Wordpress sites from hackers.

  • Site Recover

    Recovering hacked WordPress sites.

  • Site Scanner

    Scanning for spam, malware and virus.

  • Why protect your site?

A secure website where your customers, readers, and visitors feel protected is just like a place where people would want to visit all the time. Your website is of course important to you, just like a possession you need to secure it especially if your website is a source of income or something of great value to you.

If you are using WordPress, You NEED to take the advantage of using Wordfence. 

Even if your site isn't big enough to be worth a hacker's interest, still there are hacking risks to be considered.


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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you