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Schedule Backups

There are tons of Backup Plug-ins that are very easy to use and perfectly work with WordPress sites. But we are not here to talk about the Backup Plug-ins as they are already perfect. Our main concern here is the time that you need to spend for just regularly backing up your WordPress sites. Is backup important for big sites only? Definitely NO! There is no exception when it comes to backup.

Backing up your WordPress site is very time-consuming especially if your site has large volume of contents. Contents are equivalent to the time you need to spend or wait for the backup to be completed since backup progress depends on how big your sites are.

What is it we are offering? We are offering a freedom of time.

Maybe you're wondering and asking, is it possible?

The answer is YES! Because with this services, you can just decide and schedule a backup for all your WordPress sites(Definitely NO Limitation) and WUPDATE IT will do the backup for you.

  • Schedule backup

    Scheduling WordPress sites backup daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Decide what to backup

    Deciding which files, folders or databases to be backed up.


  • Files, Folders or Databases - Why is it important to backup?

About Administrator

It’s not common to have a hard drive failure but it doesn’t mean also that you will put all your faith to the web hosting company to keep a backup of your Wordpress sites for you. Even the biggest web hosting company in the world have experienced a Hard Drive Failure. So diversify now!

Hackers have become commonplace on the web. Their purposes may be to steal sensitive information, cause trouble or whatever it is. One thing is for sure, It’s not good! Website is online so there is always a chance that it may be compromised.

Updates are very important in Wordpress core files, plugins and themes because it will give you more features. But sometimes updates don’t always go as planned. Even Wordpress always reminds us to perform a backup before updating.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you