"Say Goodbye to your outdated WordPress Site"

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WP Maintenance

"Say Goodbye to your outdated WordPress Site"

  • Update Plugins

  • Update Wordpress

  • Update Themes

No time to check and update your WordPress sites regularly?
Don't want to bother checking and updating your WordPress sites?

Whatever the reason might be, you can have all of your WordPress websites updated by us.

  • You will never have to worry having your WordPress sites outdated
  • You don't need to regularly check your WordPress sites for updates
  • Why do you need our services?

    Checking and Updating WordPress as well as Themes and Plugins is an easy thing to do if you only have a few WordPress sites. But what if you have a lot of WordPress sites to check and update? You surely need to spend more time by just checking and updating it one by one.  Not to mention everything else you have to check on your sites. Like replying to comments and deleting all the spam.

    I have used services like ManageWP and CMS commander.  I still had to log on daily to perform updates myself.  Especially when there was a security alerts and a plugin had to be updated immediately.

  • How can I be so sure that my website is safe?

    In the future we will add backup services and make sure there is a backup before running any updates.  Even now there are two versions of our service.

    The economical basic version where everything is done automatically via our software system.  This is not meant for your main business websites or your “money” sites.  This is meant for passive income type websites which are not critical to your business.  Please be sure to read our terms of service carefully before choosing the service you need.

    And the premium services where we actually log onto your website and perform all the duties manually.  This service is meant for your more important WordPress websites.

  • Why Update is Important?

For New Features:

Feature improvements are necessary to make Wordpress more user friendly. Wordpress site owners are advised to keep their site regularly updated because it needs to be balanced with your plugins’ version and themes’ version. That is why it’s very important also to not just update your Wordpress alone but so do your plugins and themes.

For Security:

Absolutely NO Application is perfect! Updating your site regularly allows you to benefit the new security features released through updates that will stop hackers from harming your site. As you know, some hackers are capable of placing codes on your site that might cause some ranking changes in search engine results and worst of all, it can even cause your site to be unlisted on search engines. It’s really bad as we don’t want you to end up like that. Maybe you might even heard about large company sites getting hacked. There are many reasons why some of the sites suffer from hackers. The most common reason for this is Bugs in the codes which can and will never be avoided. Since Wordpress is a very complex project with thousands of code in it, Wordpress team needs to fix the found bugs and release a new update to enhance the security and performance. Note that Hackers can find out the weaknesses of old WordPress versions just by looking at the Wordpress bug reports.

Your Theme, Your Skin

A Wordpress theme gives all of the front-end design of your Wordpress site. Essentially, you can think of Wordpress Theme as the coat of your Wordpress site. But as developers and technology improve, It is more than and not just a design now. Latest themes enables more power over the appearance and management of the stuffs on your Wordpress site. Free or Premium themes are supported by many developers, they put so much effort to improve what they can improve, same with Wordpress, Theme also releases updates to add more features, to fix bugs and so on. So it is recommended to update your Themes as you update your Wordpress and Plugins.

Plugins adapt  Wordpress’ changes!

Updates can help you fix some functionality problems and bugs in your site. Remember that updating site plugins might could be in the same way as updating your Wordpress. It’s a good idea also to update your plugins together with your Wordpress site to prevent breaking your plugins, since plugin developers do their best to adjust to the newest versions of Wordpress.

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