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WP ManagePosts


Manage Posts, Pages and Links

We are still testing these services to be offered in the future.

  • Publish posts

    Publishing a post on your multiple WordPress sites.

  • Edit posts

    Editing a post on your multiple WordPress sites.

  • Manage links

    Managing a link on your multiple WordPress sites.

  • Why you should consistently update your website?

"The more blog posts you got, the more traffic will be generated"

Posting a new content consistently is very useful when it comes to getting traffic and page ranking.

With the help of social media, you can now just share your blog posts and wait for the people to interact with it. If they find it useful and helpful then they will always come back to your site. That's why it's also important to make blog posts or contents that are very useful and informative that many people can benefit from it.

  • What makes managing/updating your Wordpress sites hard?

More WordPress sites, More works

Some people are creating a website for personal use or for hobby only. While some are creating for websites business purposes. Both purposes are the same depending on what you want to happen and how much effort do you want to exert.


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