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Broken Link Checker

When having a multiple WordPress sites, checking for broken links is very hassle especially on the sites that contains hundreds or thousands of links. But with Broken link checker, one of the most popular plugin can be used to check broken links on your site. Still, you need to regularly log-in to each of your WordPress site, run the plugin and modify or dismiss the broken links which can still cause you a headache.

With WP Update It, you don't need to do it again because we can do it for you!

  • Install and Activate Broken Link Checker

    Installing and Activating broken link checker on your WordPress sites.

  • Modify broken links

    Editing broken links

  • Check broken links and redirected links

    Checking broken links and redirected links

  • Unlink broken links

    Removing broken links

  • How does dead links affect your SEO?

A link that contains incorrect URL in a text link or changing a URL address that is not working/found anymore, that is called a broken link. One of the ways search engines rank websites is by crawling the links, an important things to understand.

So some of the consequences when your site has dead or broken links:

  • It can be a hindrance for the search engine spiders to crawl your site since there's a big possibility search stopping
  • It can turn users away since they expect to see a useful information but they see 404 return error instead
  • It can pull your search engine rankings down since Google hates and is very strict on broken links as they want all sites to provide a user friendly experience


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