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I have had 50+ websites and known others who have had hundreds or thousands of websites.  Keeping them all secure with WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates is always a struggle.  I have also used or researched all of the other options like ManageWP and CMS Commander.  For all of those solutions there was always one catch.  I myself had to make sure each update took place and to check regularly.  With one or two websites doing keeping them updated isn't a problem.

But if you have clients or are a serial webpreneur like myself, you are adding new websites to the mix on a daily or weekly basis.  wupdate.it was born from this problem.  We can make sure that your websites are secure with the latest core, theme, and plugin updates.

Not to mention the amazing fact that if you join now as a Pioneer any new services we develop will be offered for the same low monthly fee.   Have a look we are testing a whole lot of new features and services to be implemented.

Better way to manage multiple WordPress sites under one umbrella.

Let someone else do it for you!

For all WordPress website owners, it's really great to use WordPress because it is remarkably flexible, adaptable, has thousands of free excellent plug-ins available for better functionality, open-source and so many other benefits. It is also one of the most popular and powerful Content Management System in the world of web that can be used for many different types of websites. May it be a business site, an ecommerce site, a job boards site, classified ads site, or whatever it is, just name it, because with WordPress, It's all possible.

However, it is essential that you regularly make your WordPress/Themes/Plugins' version up to date as possible for many purposes. What we mean is, when it comes to updating WordPress sites especially to those who have more than 10 WordPress sites, it's very time consuming. You have to log into each site and it's mostly a headache to manage them one by one. Yeah it's kinda boring too specially when you're repeatedly doing it almost every day.

So why are we here?

Because we realize that there is a better way to manage multiple WordPress sites and that is to manage them under one umbrella. With our services, there is NO limitation in number of sites we can manage for you. We can update WordPress, Themes and Plugins for all your sites.

Now it's time for you to let go of the things that you don't need to do and you don't feel like doing. Let us carry the weighs so you can focus more on your future plans.

Our Team

  • Tahir Khawaja - Owner/Manager

    I have a BSc from  the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.  I’ve worked as a consultant / programmer on many projects large and small.  Turned my attention to all things Internet Marketing in 2011 and ended up being a serial webpreneur. This is one of the websites in my portfolio.  Wupdate.it  is used to  maintain this website.  Wupdate.it is born from my own need to keep my portfolio of websites updated and secure.  The Wupdate.it staff keep my own websites secure and updated.  I’m not only the owner, I’m also a user of this service.

  • Resty - Technical Support

    I am a Bachelor’s degree holder of Information Technology major in Computer Networks but I mainly practiced Software Development like Accounting System Software and other business-related software products. I always had a fascination with almost anything related to computers and the internet. I’ve been toying with information technology and software development as a hobby since high school. Recently, I’ve been spending most of my time studying different programming languages.  I believe that with work and commitment anything is possible.

  • Karen Mikhai - Administrative Assistant

    An Online Marketer and a Freelancer. I am a nurse by profession but I really find my passion in Online Passive Income Generation and Online Marketing. Currently I work as an Administrative Assistant at Prime Ad Network where I manage multiple sites. I have this belief that a typical 8-hour job can’t give me the kind of life that I wanted to have; a life with abundance, time freedom and financial independence. So I mainly work to learn and to earn more knowledge. I feel fortunate to have found Tai, he provided me an opportunity where I can develop new skills through work experiences. He’s not just an employer to us but a great mentor as well.

  • Joy - Administrative Assistant

    I started my online career way back in 2005 as a researcher, marketer and eventually now an administrative assistant.  I always have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and passion for new ideas. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance – introduced me to the world of money markets. Currently, I’m into investing and learning/acquiring new skills everyday – grateful to Tai for sharing his knowledge and skills, enabling me to actualize my potential in this field of work.

  • Glenn - Graphics Design

    I am a certified NCIV (Programmer). During my internship, I was assigned as an administrative assistant in an insurance company named SSS (Social Security System) here in Davao City. Here, I was exposed to some techniques which instilled a love of management functions.  I’ve joined a team full of enthusiasts. Now I have the pleasure of working with the team and working through the challenges together that each new day brings.

    My favorite games are board games like chess and sci-damath. I used to play competitively back when I was in high school. It’s difficult to describe why I like graphic design but when I do I feel free, I feel open, and I feel a good sense of accomplishment when I complete a project.

Our Mission

To keep all of your WordPress websites secure.  And how we keep them all secure is by keeping them all updated.

To provide you an essential service so you can focus on building your income instead of having to worry about boring repetitive tasks.

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